About Us


Salud Tequila Bar – Our Story

Welcome to ¡Salud! The Ultimate Tequila Bar in San Antonio, Tx.  For seven years, ¡Salud! has driven to create an identity where art meets music & spirits.  While on sabbatical in the Island of Cozumel (five years!) architect José Luis Hernández took a lot of pictures that he would later reflect on.  Aside from focusing on architecture, he found something charming about the simplicity of the small bars in Mexico. When the opportunity presented itself to open a bar in the Alamo Heights area, he visualized a bar with art, Latin Music & a great selection of 100% Blue Agave Tequilas.

¡Salud! Tequila Bar’s open design & welcoming attitude radiates energy & fun. Deep shadows of red, orange & yellows spark energy & emotion, amidst unexpected mixes of rustic wood & sleek marble create a unique atmosphere.

¡Salud! Tequila Bar’s impressive tequila & mescal list feature 100 plus varieties. The Award Winning Organic Cucumber Margarita, the Bandera with its signature homemade sangrita & the Blue Diamond top the beverage list, which also includes an impressive selection of Mexican beers. So raise your Tequila & ¡Salud!

Our Team Members

As General Manager, majority owner, architect & tequila aficionado, I look at every detail in the service, atmosphere, music, art & tequilas at ¡Salud!.  My goal is to provide an enjoyable experience each & every time you visit us. As a tequila lover all my life, I invite you to a conversation about the culture, the process, heritage & passion involved in the making of this Great Spirit.  ¡Salud! 

Jose Luis Hernandez, Owner.


I have loved ¡Salud! from the moment I walked in almost five years ago. You won’t find me behind the bar, but instead event planning, bookkeeping and hunting for exciting opportunities for our establishment. I could not be happier to work with a talented staff that always makes it a good time on and off the clock. See you at ¡Salud!

Jessica Guzman, Marketing Manager.


Born in Ethiopia and travelled all over the world,  I have had the opportunity to encounter many different cultures. A passion for the Latin culture and a sincere love for tequila, ¡Salud! is a perfect fit for me. Having  13 years of experience in the service industry, 7 of which are at ¡Salud!. However, I still learn about the industry  and tequila everyday. Come in and have a conversation about tequila with me.

Eli Guetanen, Manager.


I was first attracted to the ¡Salud!  by its friendly staff and warm hospitality. It is a bar of unique character with a cozy atmosphere. It soon became my regular “hang out” spot with friends. It is my goal to make sure all my customers get to have that same experience I once had. I love serving others and getting to know my customers “1 on 1”.  I hope to make my customers feel as if ¡Salud!  is just as much their home as it is mine.

Amanda Hernandez, Bartender.


When I moved to San Antonio from Dallas, I was introduced to ¡Salud!and immediately grew fond of this one of a kind Tequila Bar. As the newest member to the ¡Salud! Family, I have come to love this bar. ¡Salud! is a place to experience the passion of the Hispanic heritage by having the ability to taste this excellent collection of 100% Blue Agave Tequilas.

Karime Gonzales, Bartender.


I’ve been in the industry for several years, working at a variety of themed establishments. I was always looking for a place to call home. ¡Salud!  is the perfect blend of class and sophistication where I am able to utilize my love for hand crafted cocktails and provide you, our fellow family members with a great time.

Amanda Evans, Bartender.